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An-Eco - Agri - Tourism project at the Western Ghats - A world heritage site

Vanilla County is an authentic and enchanting homestay, in close proximity to the orgin of the Meenachil river at Mavady Hills near Vagamon, Kerala sheltered by rubber trees , various spices, trees and plants.

The area  comes under the Western Ghats Or Sahyadri Mountain ranges, a proclaimed 'UNESCO' World Heritage site and is one of the eight hottest hot spots of biological diversity of the world.

Vanilla County is two and half hours drive from Cochin international airport and its unique destination helps travelers understand the true meaning of responsible eco- tourism.

Vanilla County is the perfect take off point for visits to Periyar Wild life Sanctuary, Munnar hill station, Alleppey back waters and Marari beach.

Vanilla County
Vanilla County

Step into a world apart. A calm tranquil farmstead set in a beautiful garden at

Eco Camping
Tent Accomodation

Vanilla county have 4 large Swiss cottage luxury tents. All furnished with large

Food & Stay
Food & Stay

A 60 year old stately estate bungalow,Vanilla County offers spacious suites

Places To See
Places To See

Set amidst 150 acres of rubber and other spices gardens, the bungalow

Attractions at Vanilla County

Plantation & Spice Tour

The Plantation and spice tour is an eye opener. The tour gives you a glimpse into the different aspects of cultivation of rubber, coffee, vanilla, and spices like cardamom and pepper.

  • Rubber
  • Vanilla
  • Coffee
  • Pepper (Piper nigrum)

Swimming in Natural Rock Pool

Enjoy the wild side. Have a wild splash amongst wilderness. Bathe in natural pools created by the mountain streams.

Nature Walk

A trek into the mountains nearby through the plantations and beyond is a perfect way to unwind. You feel one with Nature in the cool mist laden hills that are so green and refreshing.

Eco Camping

Vanilla county have 4 large Swiss cottage luxury tents. All furnished with large cots and comfortable mattresses. Each tent have varandha, toilet with european style closet /shower. We provide fan, lights and charging facilities for laptop and mobiles.

Go Bird Watching!

Birding in Vagamon is really rewarding. The hills and dales have a variety of exotic birds that are a feast to the eye. In colourful plumes and vibrantly coloured beaks, these avians form part of the exotic treat at Vanilla County. The countryside also has numerous kinds of colourful butterflies.

Responsible Tourism

We follow (LIFE) Less Intensive Farming Environment approach to maintain and increase long term fertility of the soils. Rotation and diversification of crops is maintained.

  • Sustainable Farming
  • Eco-friendly tourism
  • Non Conventional Energy
  • Traditions Practised
  • The Difference

Taste Kerala: the best dal recipe from South India

The best way to get a real taste of a new place is to stay with the locals. This is why we chose to explore the south of India via her heritage homestays.

Step by step instructions to the best place in India

Tour last stop, ‘Mavady Estate’, another ancestral landholding turned upmarket homestay. 




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