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Vanilla county have 4 large Swiss cottage luxury tents. All furnished with large cots and comfortable mattresses. Each tent have varandha, toilet with european style closet /shower. We provide fan, lights and charging facilities for laptop and mobiles. Tag Heuer Replica Watches

Vanilla County is a special place

Vanilla County is an amazing place. Luxurious and homey. My mom and I stayed in one of the tents. They're really fun and not really tents. They have screen windows with curtains and furniture. The bathroom near the tent has the most beautiful outdoor shower with a tree in it! The whole experience was lovely. Activities all included. Rani is an amazing cook! Dinner in the garden was maybe the best part.

Reviewed 2 February 2015

Vanessa P Portland, Oregon

A great stay!

We stayed at Vanilla County  during the week between Christmas and New Years this year, and we were really pleased. Baby Matthew and his family were accommodating and wonderful. The food was delicious, and the planned activities were great.

We booked a bit late, and so the only accommodation  option was the tent, but we were really happy with it. It's comfortable, protected from the elements, and it's quite a peaceful place to spend the night. We are not the most outdoorsy types, but we really enjoyed the tent!

Thank you Baby, Rani, and everyone at Vanilla County

Reviewed 3 February 2015

Liam B Brooklyn, New York

Magical place

My wife and I had a wonderful stay at Vanilla County and will definitely come back. Our only regret was to only stay for one night.

Our host were so warm and welcoming that they alone made it worth the visit!

The tent we stayed was very cosy and the food cooked was gorgeous. Many thanks for these wonderfull memories...

Reviewed 22 January 2015

lquenelle London, United Kingdom

Simply Wonderful

I stayed two nights at the Vanilla County, in December 2013. I had one of the tents. First and foremost, Baby Matthew and the rest of the people at the estate are really friendly and the service is nothing short of excellent. The place is all-inclusive, so breakfast, lunch and dinner are all taken care of. Which is good, because the plantation is a bit away from any towns or restaurants.

The estate is beautiful and really relaxing. The kind of place where you can spend a week and read a few books in the hammock, plan your next Big Project or just introspect a bit.

The tent accommodation is more comfortable than it sounds; it's more like a room with soft thin walls. Proper bed, fan and electricity. Sound isolation is non-existent though, so if that rooster that woke me up both nights at 4 is still there by the time you visit, that might affect sleep quality a bit. Bathroom is solid structure and with running water et al, so don't worry about that. Only bad thing is there was no warm water in the tents, so prepare for cold showers.

Food was really good. I've lived in India for three months now and have jeera rice coming out of one ear and paneer gravy out the other, but still this food was very good. Not the basic tikka masala stuff.

Walking around on the estate gives a nice insight into rubber nurseries, spice and tea plantations and if you get the chance, also go for a dip in the rock pool.

Reviewed 7 January 2014 

Lovely New Year stay, India at its best

We stayed as a family over New Year,with Vanilla County living up to expectations giving us an unforgettable experience. If you want to experience India in a genteel manner this is the place. The rooms were comfortable,very clean and quiet. We enjoyed learning about the plantation, our walk through it and the fresh water swimming at the end!

A trip to the monastery and pilgrimage walk was a wonderful New Years day experience plus the relaxed wander in Vagaman & local cafe. Baby Mattew & Rani are fantastic hosts their only concern your comfort. The food was the best we had during our whole stay. Master Yogi was very patient with us during yoga & too much giggling.

Reviewed 11 January 2015


Kay C Cullompton, United Kingdom


Just perfect. I won't repeat all the previous praise, but you couldn't ask for more. It is amongst the nicest places we've stayed, with the most exceptional care for their guests - you won't get better service in any five star hotel. The extraordinary staff, amazing food, brilliant activities, scenery, the really couldn't get any better.

We stayed in one of their tents, and it was lovely - really comfortable with beautiful views. An excellent idea from Baby Matthew, the owner.

Really deserves more than five out of five. A highlight of our trip.

Reviewed 9 March 2014

T Jonesuk London

I can't recommend this place enough

Just had a wonderful stay at Vanilla County - great walks through the plantation, swims in natural rock pools and the food is unbelievable! Baby Matthew and his wife Rani are the most likeable hosts and this has been the highlight of my trip to India so far. I'd recommend a 2 night stay and will definitely come back as soon as I can - Roly, Cheltenham.

Reviewed 28 December 2013

Roly W Cirencester, United Kingdom

What dreams are made of!

Baby and Rani felt immediately like family at their most inviting and comfortable plantation home. I was travelling alone and wanted to stay in their tent room which turned out to be perfect for me and the beautiful red bathroom with a tree in the shower under open skies couldn't be better. One thing that stood out besides the fabulous activities were the meals. Every meal they would seat us in a manner that afforded us to get to know the other guests. The conversations and bonding were rich and rewarding not to mention carried on in our joint activities. I particularly enjoyed the swimming holes (rock pools), long walks and the elephants.

Rani's tour of all the spices, nuts, and fruits growing in her 'kitchen' garden was fabulous and at each meal she would describe which ones she used. The food was 5 star amazing and they both went to great extent to describe what we were eating and what curry or sauce went with the other accoutrements. Don't miss Rani's pickles and relishes.

Baby was able to fulfill my wish of riding an elephant - one less thing in my bucket list. Understanding the entire process for producing rubber and also cashew nuts was fascinating. There was a temple where we went to view a sunset that really peaked my interest - it was a really memorable site - picture of detail uploaded.

I ended up staying several days longer than I had planned as it was hard to leave such a perfect visit and Baby & Rani's warm hospitality. Hopefully I will return with a friend to share this very special plantation stay

Reviewed 14 April 2013

Tamara B Augusta, Maine

Unique and wonderful experience

Im jin frim nyc.vanilla county plantation was a unique and wonderful experience for me. I gained insight about Indian farming and use of medicinal herbs by owners.

I enjoyed the trekking, swimming , and running while at stay. Great trails to run.The waterfall was a great place to jump off cliff and go for a cool swim in the hot sun! The meals were incredible!but most important of all the owners were attentive to my needs.

Try lodging in the large tent outside. It gives you a feeling of camping in the jungle!

Reviewed 29 January 2013


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